25 Insanely Geeky Gloves and Gauntlets to Brave Winter With

Pretty sure full-on crocheted superhero onesies are the next step.

We can call them fingerless gloves, I guess, but that’s nowhere near geeky enough for us — we’ll go with gauntlets! Either way, they’re practical winter wear for geeks who need their fingers to do geeky things like play video games, read comics, and use their phones. We found 25 that will keep you warm all through winter while also letting you cosplay a little.

Iron Man Gauntlets

il_fullxfull.423789220_nr3cThese Iron Man fingerless gloves are a great way to add some superhero fan love to your winter look. Now if only they could help you blast off during a boring conversation like Iron Man’s boosters can.

Nerdifacts/Etsy – about $35

TARDIS Gauntlets


Whovians rejoice! These TARDIS knit gauntlets were hand woven from a wibbly wobbly ball of yarn for a timey-wimey universally adored look.

Nerdifacts/Etsy – about $35

Wonder Woman Gauntlets


These Wonder Woman gauntlet gloves are so delightfully Diana. The white star on blue, with a gray wrist strap, is embellished with steel pyramid studs that complete the tough-as-nails look. And just for fun, each set comes with a crocheted golden lariat or truth lasso.

tinybully/ArtFire – $25

Black Widow Gloves


Even Black Widow likes to keep her hands toasty during winter. These knit gloves let you cosplay the Avenger’s look in a way that doesn’t overwhelm your day to day look, but still shouts fangirl.

tinybully/ArtFire – $25

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