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The First Photo of the Han Solo Movie Cast is Here

Star Wars has been a much-loved series since the very beginning. Since the release of the first film, there have been tons of merchandise released, several more movies, and even a television show. It has become a very big name and a big part in culture.

That still hasn’t changed as today the first cast picture was released for the upcoming Star Wars film. Instead of furthering the plot-line of the series, this movie takes a step back to showcase a very important and much loved character, Han Solo.

The film is set to be released in theaters May 2018, just a few months after the release of The Last Jedi Episode VIII. The shooting started on February 20, 2017, and the few short clips that have already been leaked look great.

Still, it seems as though almost everyone is excited to see the new release. With the casting star Alden Ehrenreich as well as other famous actors like Woody Harrelson, Emilia Clarke, and rising actor Donald Glover, it seems like so many good actors are coming together in order to truly create a wonderful addition to the Star Wars franchise.