Marvel Action Figures Come to Life in This Hasbro Animated Short

Making up crossover stories is pretty much why we have action figures.

The Guardians of the Galaxy won’t meet the Avengers on the big screen until Infinity War, and that’s still over a year away. Hasbro, not one for patience, decided that a crossover needed to come a little sooner. Unfortunately, Robert Downey Jr. and company don’t come cheap, so they had to settle on a more budget-friendly option — their own action figures.

The heroes are all on a trip to the amusement park, which goes awry because how could it not? Anyway, Groot looks like he’s having a wack time, there’s a brutal Ant-Man burn, and then everything ends up OK. It’s also one of the few Marvel videos made recently that doesn’t involve the Infinity Stones, which is kind of refreshing! It also gets us pretty excited for Spider-man interacting more and more with the other MCU characters in the upcoming movies.

The video is part of Marvel’s “Heroes come in all sizes” ad campaign, which will run throughout the year. The campaign wants to remind us that anyone can be a hero, but also I think it’s called that because it really feels like Marvel action figures and figurines come in all sizes. Rest assured, there are going to be tons of new figurines this year, and word is already starting to get out about what we can expect from the New York Toy Fair later this month.

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