Everything is Pretty Awesome About the LEGO Batman Movie

The LEGO Batman Movie Review

There’s no shame in admitting that the LEGO Batman Movie has been my most highly anticipated film of 2017. After ogling LEGO Batman in the “original” LEGO Movie, I couldn’t wait to see Batman get all of the dedicated screen time that that handsome devil deserves.

The movie’s plot focuses on a LEGO Batman who has an ego of epic proportions. Bruce Wayne is obsessed with his abs, crime fighting abilities, and lavish lifestyle. Most importantly he thinks he can do it all on his own. But that changes when he accidentally adopts an annoyingly overly eager, but somewhat cute orphan who ends up becoming his infamous sidekick, Robin.

The reality is though that the plot of LEGO Batman isn’t all that compelling. What is compelling however is that LEGO Batman is full of cameos. You’ll encounter everyone from Superman and the Justice League, to members of the Suicide Squad, to even villains from other franchises! That includes the likes of villains from Doctor Who (Daleks!), the Lord of the Rings, King Kong and others.

But beyond cameos, the LEGO Batman Movie is also chock full of gags, easter eggs, and homages to the DC universe – that includes references to DC TV shows, comics and movies of the past. The script has a good sense of humor and manages to maintain a good balance between making fun of Marvel as much as it does make fun of DC’s own mishaps. That even includes making digs at the recent Batman vs Superman movie. God that was an awful super hero film.

Visually, the LEGO Batman movie is beautiful with tons of detail. It particularly looked and sounded amazing watching it at the IMAX Theatre at AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13. That theater is the first theatre in New York to feature IMAX with Laser which translates to even better images, better contrast, more colors and sound so powerful you’ll feel it.

But LEGO Batman is not all fun and games. There’s also an important, rather mature lesson to be learned from its plot. And it’s one that adults might relate to even more so than kids.

All in all, Kids will absolutely love LEGO Batman and there’s enough material to keep adults entertained through out the film, but it’s not quite the home run that the LEGO movie was.

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