Logitech Spotlight Remote Lets You PowerPoint Like a Boss

Logitech is Putting the Spotlight on Presentation Controls

It’s not the most exciting device in the world, we have to admit. But, if you really, really take pride in your PowerPoint skills, Logitech has a new toy that will go great with your passion for slides. Their new Spotlight Presentation Remote is at heart the same kind of clicker device that’s always been in use. But, Logitech has thrown in a few extra features to try to make it worth the extra cost.

With Spotlight, Logitech has created a handheld device that can both advance slides and highlight bits of information being projected. Instead of just pointing at information with a laser pointer (or a stick, as it was in the old times), Spotlight can control the information being displayed, allowing you to highlight sections of text or zoom in on image — something people will be able to see whether they’re attending in person or viewing remotely using teleconferencing software.


Those features rely on a program on your computer that Spotlight connects to, which opens up a few other settings. A couple cool ideas Logitech has already implemented are gesture control for volume and timed vibration alerts — if you know you only have 30 minutes and no more to present, you can schedule Spotlight to give you a buzz a few minutes before your time is up, so you don’t have to keep looking at the clock.

And, this being the 2010s, you know it has to look nice, too. Spotlight is a sleek, aluminum device, and it’s very simple — it has three large buttons for back, forward, and spotlight (the one that lets you highlight or zoom in on parts of the presentation). It’s also got a USB Type-C charging port, plus Bluetooth connectivity to connect to the computer and the companion program.

So, does all that make it worth paying $130 for a presentation clicker? If not, maybe it will be in the future — Logitech plans to keep updating the companion program with new features, so you’ll have access to whatever exciting new breakthroughs in presentation technology the future holds.

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