Lucy Hale Has Designed Her Own iPhone Case Collection

Lucy Hale has designed some pretty little cases for Pretty Little Liar fans.

If you want to ring in spring with southern or western (or perhaps both!) flair, you’ll want to mosey on over to Casetify’s newest collection. Made in collaboration with Lucy Hale, these iPhone case designs are loaded with personality.

Hale, who plays Aria on Pretty Little Liars, puts her quirkiness on full display — a few cases have some great lines on the back like “All I need is coffee and concealer” and “My y’all is authentic.”  We’re also loving the pride in her eyebrow game, with the “I like big brows & I cannot lie” case.


What else does Hale like? From the rest of the collection, we can draw some conclusions — dogs, the desert, sushi, and fries. Doesn’t sound like a bad combination! A few of the cases have strong southwestern influences, and the cute dog ones pretty much sell themselves. For a more understated look, there’s also an amethyst pattern case and a couple marble cases.


The collection is 20 cases strong — you don’t have to get them all, but then again, Casetify’s promo video shows Hale using sock drawer-style storage for all her cases, and we’d be lying if we didn’t say we were struck by the ingenuity.


It sounds like we’ll be seeing quite a bit more of Hale’s influence at Casetify. Hale is now the case maker’s creative director, meaning she’ll be working with Casetify on many more new designs in the future. Per their announcement, Hale said, “Most people don’t think twice about tech accessories, but really, they should be an extension of who you are and what you wear.” More importantly, she’s been very open about the fact that her maltipoo, Elvis, will continue to feature heavily. We’re all for more dogs on cases!

There are 20 designs in all, but there are tons of options on top of that. The Casetify x Lucy Hale cases can be ordered for anything between the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 7 (including the Plus models), along with the iPod Touch 6. There are also standard, glitter, wallet, snap-on, and backplate options, so you won’t be hurting for choice. Generally, prices range from $15 for the backplates to $60 for the wallet cases.

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