McDonald’s Designed a New Straw So You Can Drink a Chocolate Shamrock Shake Properly

Pretty good use of resources, to be honest.

When you have something as venerated as the Shamrock Shake, you need to get serious about making sure people can enjoy them as the milkshake artist intended. Seeing glaring deficiencies in the drinking straw, McDonald’s has created the STRAW pretty much just for the new Chocolate Shamrock Shake and no other reason.

The problem arises not from the thickness, but the layered nature of the Chocolate Shamrock Shake. Basically, you get a bunch of mint, then a bunch of chocolate, then a bunch of regret over a substandard milkshake experience. Not so with STRAW.

The Suction Tube for Reverse Axial Withdrawal is here, presented by someone doing a pretty bang-on Jony Ive impression. The shake end of the straw is bent into a U, and has multiple holes on the part that turns upward and at the bottom of the U. The design, which in all seriousness is pretty genius, sucks in shake from the mint and chocolate layers, delivering a true mint chocolate shake experience.


Unfortunately, McDonald’s isn’t going all-in. Instead of a wide release, only limited quantities of the STRAW will be shipped out to some locations, which will be listed on the McDonald’s website sometime in the next couple weeks. It sounds similar to what they did with their limited run of bottles of Big Mac secret sauce, minus the secret code phrase.

Via Engadget

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