Peeps Oreos Are Just in Time for Easter

If you love Peeps and Oreos, prepare for one of the best mouthgasms that you will ever experience! It has been announced that starting next week Oreo Peeps will be sold in U.S stores.

Nabisco has come a long way with their infamous Oreos. They have created numerous flavors, such as Red Velvet, Swedish Fish, and Birthday Cake. Some flavors of Oreos have to be special ordered, or can only be purchased in certain countries, such as the Wasabi Oreos in Japan. Oreos have become so popular, that millions of boxes are sold every day.

Peeps have also come a long way. The sugar covered marshmallows have been both loved and hated ever since they were invented. Though many of us, myself included, love when Easter rolls around and we can buy truck-loads of them to last us all year. Others feel as though eating them is the equivalent of slow and painful torture.

Now two favorite snacks are joining together. The newest flavor of Oreos is going to be golden cookies with a pink peeps flavored marshmallow center. This is just in time for Easter and we’ll likely see this new flavor of Oreos fly off the shelves.

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