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18 Personal Safety Devices That Women Need to Pay Attention To

18 Personal Safety Devices, Apps and Products That Can Save Lives

For women in 2016, it’s a fact of life that as far as personal safety is concerned, it’s better to be prepared than to be caught unawares. Here, we’ve rounded up a litany of options that will help you feel safer without compromising on style. Most of the items listed below are classic “panic button” devices (or apps) that are concealed within a smartwatch or piece of jewelry, but which will contact either the authorities or pre-selected emergency contacts when activated. Other options include an array of alarms that can be turned on instantly with the dual aims of scaring any would-be attacker off and attracting the attention of passersby to help. Whether you want to carry a stun gun to ward off danger or you prefer to covertly press a hidden alert button, there is an option for everyone on this list.

Undercover Colors


The main idea behind Undercover Colors, a date rape drug-detecting nail polish, is that a woman wearing it could simply dip a finger in her drink and her nail polish would change color if a date-rape drug (specifically rohypnol or GHB) were detected. Largely geared towards the bar scene, this product could only be an asset to women. Since being announced in 2014, Undercover Colors has been seeking funding and working on research and development, which might have paid off — recent updates to their Facebook page and statements from the founders suggest that a release is coming soon.

Wisewear Socialite Bracelets


Wisewear’s Socialite line is a combination of a safety device and a simple smart bracelet. The bracelets can do smartwatch things like notifications (the bracelet vibrates when you get notifications that you prioritize) and fitness tracking, but a distress message can be sent to designated contacts with just a few taps. With a forked, distinctive look and gold, rose gold, and palladium options, the Calder also looks fantastic as a piece of jewelry, along with the more expensive Duchess and the less expensive Kingston. Having to charge the bracelets every few days is somewhat of a drawback, and a Bluetooth connection to your phone is required for the distress messages to be sent out, but they’re beautiful for devices that do a lot of things in a very simple way.

Wisewear – $295-$345



Although not as subtle as some of the silent panic button options on this list, the Siren ring debuted in 2014 with the simple and direct intention of deafening any would-be attackers. With just a simple counterclockwise twist, an ear-splitting alarm shrieks out of the top of the ring to scare away any would-be attackers. Siren also has a more distinctly jewelry look to it, making it blend in more effectively with outfits.

Siren – $200

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