Saladshots Packs an Entire Salad Bar Into a Snack Bar

Saladshots is Bringing New Meaning to the Salad Bar

Saladshots got their start with a successful 2014 Kickstarter campaign to fund a line of fun, colorful (and tasty) salad dressing pouches, but now that they’re finally headed to store shelves, they’ve found a good excuse to add variety to their offerings. The company is adding a few more options to the full-to-bursting health and energy bar section at supermarkets across the nation, but they’re doing it with flavors you probably won’t see too many other companies emulate.

After all, fruit, nut, and chocolate bars are a dime a dozen these days. Balsamic? Not so much. The Saladshotsbars include salad-tinged options like Choco & Balsamic and Citrus Splash, along with the less conspicuous Pomegranate Love and Coco Loco (a coconut-heavy bar). With the exception of Coco Loco, the bars are based on Saladshots’ salad dressing flavors, but also include berries, nuts, and even salad greens (unsurprisingly, kale is universally present).

The Saladshotsbars still have a lot of the usual sweeter bar flavors thanks to the berries included, but there’s a tang to each of these bars that you probably won’t find in many other health food bars stacked up on the aisles. They’re all low in calories (170 to 180), sodium, and fat, so they’re worth a look if you need some easy nutrients on the go. They’re a little pricey at $2.50 per bar, though. And how do they taste? We bit in to a few of them and found that they taste similar to the healthier, diet friendly snack bars you’ll find in the likes of Whole Foods but with a bit more punch, and are overall, a bit of an acquired taste since.

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