Sharknado 5 Begins Filming Worldwide

The nation’s finest summertime tradition continues.

Syfy’s Sharknado series, the correct answer to the question “What’s Gary Busey doing these days?,” has, as quietly as a sharknado can be, become an annual summertime tradition. Installments one through four have dropped every July for the last four years, and from the sounds of it, the fifth one will come swirling in right on schedule.

Sharknado is a compelling balancing act — ante upping is required, but needs to be managed delicately. After covering Los Angeles and New York in the first two, they probably jumped the gun by going to space in the third one (probably should have been saved for six or seven). Number four introduced more variants of -nados, which was smart, because that opens up limitless possibilities.

Sharknado 5 will go global (see this is what I’m talking about, this should have come before space). Filming is taking place in Bulgaria (there are some sharks in the Black Sea, I looked it up), England, and Australia, but it sounds like many other countries are under threat, too.

Ian Ziering will be back as Fin, while Tara Reid will return as cyborg April, which was really a brilliant bit of character development on the writers’ part. Cassie Scerbo, apparently satisfied to only do odd-numbered Sharknadoes (please let this be a plot point), will be back as Nova. Will my dudes Gary Busey and the Hoff return? We can only hope.

Via Entertainment Weekly

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