6 of the Geekiest Super Bowl Commercials from Sunday’s Game

Super Bowl LI went down yesterday, alongside the some odd million dollar commercials and a very on-point halftime show from Lady Gaga and Intel. We also got to see the continuation of the more recent tradition of at least a few people at the party complaining that the commercials aren’t as good as they used to be. That’s as may be, but we still got some pretty hilarious techie commercials out of it, and we’re always going to be suckers for that!


Wix is a simple website builder that’s been around for a while, so credit to them for doing well enough to get the cash to both buy a Super Bowl spot and hire Jason Statham and new Wonder Woman Gal Godot to star. The duo star as physical manifestations of disruption in the culinary industry, which goes how you might imagine.


As expected, Tostitos turned their idea for a chip bag that can detect alcohol into a Super Bowl PSA about the dangers of drunk driving. The message is central, but the ad also shows the bag in action, which turns a wheel green or red depending on the presence of alcohol on your breath. The bags also have an NFC chip that activates an Uber code.


Kia’s been one of our favorite car companies for their tendency to make cool, high-tech infotainment and safety features available on cheaper vehicles and trims. They’re also commercial pros, and they had another hit advertising the Kia Niro CUV with the help of a well-intentioned, ill-fated Melissa McCarthy. I winced when they brought in the rhinos, rhinos are bad news.


Nah, not the Bieber one. We’re all about the irreverent pairing of Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg promoting their new One monthly plan with a whole bowl of oblique herbal references. Hey, it’s legal in eight states!

Pizza Hut

Of course we’re going to include pizza — taste aside, it’s well known that both Domino’s and Pizza Hut are major players in the tech industry. This year, Pizza Hut put out a spot with our favorite Star Trek alum, George Takei, doing his thing while showing off Pizza Hut’s ordering app.

Chevrolet and the Lego Batman Movie

Hey, we’ve seen this one before! Chevrolet and the Lego Batman Movie got a 2-for-1 deal with this spot, which features the Speedwagon from the upcoming movie in Lego form. The ad was created alongside a life-size model that Chevrolet showed off at the North American International Auto Show. As before, with apologies to Ben Affleck, this still looks like it’ll be the best Batman movie to come out in the next few years.