Win the HTC 10 Smartphone + 7 Days of Amazing HTC Deals

Thanks to Valentine’s Day, February is all about red. But instead of getting that special someone roses, how about getting her something sweeter?

For 7 days, HTC is showing their love by offering some super sweet deals on their phones and accessories. Specifically, they are offering $150 off the HTC 10, $200 off the HTC One A9 and $250 off the HTC One M9. They are also offering 50% off the JBL Reflect Aware C headphones. Plus, every phone order will receive FREE shipping, FREE Uh Oh protection and a special Valentine’s Day gift (everyone will get a notepad or travel water mug PLUS a few lucky people will get power chargers & free phones.


But in addition to these great discounts, to sweeten the pot, we’re also giving away 2 HTC phones. So enter to win an HTC 10 or a HTC One A9 in red (unlocked version).

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  • gamafree

    I’d like to win one of the phones because red is my wife’s favorite color, and she needs a phone upgrade.

  • Dennis Moore

    Quite frankly I love HTC phones and it would make a wonderful Valentines present from my wife to me!

  • Kilgore Trout

    Cuz, I’d Love to win an HTC on Valentines Day to prove my love to my Data Overlords.

  • stefaniegladden

    I’d love to win a HTC phone because I need a new phone!

  • Diva

    It will be the best Valentine’s day if I win the phone for my wife.

  • Annette

    I have an older HTC and have been pleased with it. I’d like to upgrade to a newer model.

  • Mr. Slenderman

    I have a lovely HTC M8 but my gf got a low-end phone that barely keeps up, her family can’t afford her one, not even a mid-tier, so I believe it would be the perfect gift for her


    I’d love to win an htc phone cause mine is too old and slow

  • Andrew

    I want to win one because HTC’s products are quite good.

  • Sheila Chaffins

    I would love to win it for my sweetie. His phone broke

  • Renee Stacey

    I want to win because I’d love to give it to my son

  • Jim Yee

    I’d like HTC 10 to upgrade for my girlfriend from a note 3!

  • Kazma Kurek

    have an old phone, need an upgrade 🙁

  • Glen Houghtaling

    This would make a great gift for someone special

  • Šimon Slávik

    I want to win new HTC phone for Valentine’s Day because it would be the only possitive thing on that day for me and also my old HTC needs replacement.

  • Diva

    I wish to win the Red phone because HTC is my favorite and it will make for a great Valentine’s gift for my lady!

  • Kosicky

    Awesome for valentines

  • nickie burke

    I would love to give this to my hubby for valentine day

  • http://www.facebook.com/allexinnoalexys allexinnoalexys

    I want to win because i need a new smartphone , my actual smartphone drain battery so fast in about 1 hour .

  • Susanti

    I’d loveee to win this phone so i can give it to my mom as a valentine’s gift?

  • Adarsh Verma

    I always like HTC phones & also it is in red color.

  • Ling Cheung

    I would like to win because could give it away as a present.

  • damien crawley

    To stay connected to my valentine

  • Jitendra Sakariya

    I want to gift this HTC smartphone to my lovely wife.

  • Rajeeva Jayaratne

    my current one is old and this seems to be a very good phone.

  • Abdul Qayoom

    Thats amazing giveaway…Wish you all Best of Luck Guys….

  • Anita Singh

    Love to win as HTC is my daughter’s favorite brand ??


    I want to win one coz, I never use a HTC phone before!

  • yvsaimadhav

    Need a gift for the missus!

  • Nishant Nagneshiya

    I’d love to win a HTC phone because I need a new phone,and i like htc phones,this phone looks really nice.

  • Sagar VK18

    I want to win because i really want a new smartphone 🙂

  • Ilya Shcherbatov

    My brother gave me his old HTC, i want to replace it

  • Qboss

    I’d like to win an HTC phone for Valentine’s Day because I think red phone could be a good gift.

  • Ilya Evgenevich

    Want to try modern phone )) my nokia 6303 seems to going to end

  • Andreea Cristi

    because I need a new phone!

  • Winston

    Would love to win this great phone. Heard great things about it.

  • Steve Reddington

    My wife’s HTC One 9 is having trouble charging. I really wanna suprise her wih a nice new HTC 10!

  • cactuspete23

    I’d like to win a new phone so I can stay in touch with my girlfriend ! And to update from my 8+ year old “semi-smart” phone.

  • karen

    I want to win because I seriously need an upgrade

  • Ajith Chandran.R


  • kranthi kumar

    i really want to win
    i want to gift my ….

  • http://mercuriorodel.swaultimate.com/ Rodel Mercurio

    I want to win an HTC phone for Valentine’s Day to exchange my old phone.

  • Stacey Roberson

    I’d love to win this for my husband. His current phone is over 5 years old, and he has been asking for an upgrade.

  • Nero

    I want to win an HTC phone for Valentine’s Day because I’ve never used any HTC devices so that’d be great if I own one.

  • slyder0244

    I’ve always been a fan of HTC’s software and hardware but they are usually priced outside my reach

  • Lisa Coomer Queen

    I want to win this because I don’t have a smartphone. Thanks!

  • Erica Weaver

    i want this phone i am in love with it

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  • Amy

    I want to win becauze I just broke my phone

  • Amber Cheras

    I love HTC and would love to win one to replace my current phone which won’t charge past 10 percent for some reason.

  • Mia

    My dad loves the HTC brand and his HTC One broke screen cracked so would be a really great gift for any day!

  • Lee1

    It’s much better than my phone!

  • Mohamed Ahmed

    I’m single and still use an lg g2.

  • Rajendra Patel

    If i win i would give it to my brother; he is in desperate need of a phone.

  • Rachel Griesmer

    I want to win a HTC phone for Valentine’s Day because my phone broke recently.

  • Patsy Bynum

    I have had bad phones and would love to have a great phone for once! A HTC is one of the great onse! I love my daughters HTC! I have my fingers crossed!

  • puru dhamale

    I want to win it because i need one

  • MD Abdul Saleem Khan

    I want to win this amazing gadget because of its awesome feature availability.Who wouldn’t want to win this brand gadget?.

  • http://twitter.com/anushree_ray Anushree Ray

    What’s more than to win a beautiful sasy red HTC? 🙂

  • Sunita Katyal

    I want to win an HTC phone for Valentine’s Day so as to gift it to partner so that whenever he will look at that phone, it would remind him about me!

  • gayle

    I would like to have this for a friend who needs a new phone.

  • http://www.pinterestegiveaway.com Pintér Zsolt

    I want to gift this HTC One to my super wife. 🙂

  • Jan L Af Petersens

    I would like a red one for my wife.

  • Outrun1986

    Red is my favorite color and I need a new phone and can’t afford to buy a new one.

  • _??????_

    I love HTC

  • Himanshu Kainth

    I honoured to have Htc 10 in my pocket. This Valentine will be memorable for lifetime when I look at this beauty.

  • jaiave

    It’s Great and Cute!!!

  • Vasu Sumanth Chowdary

    I want to win one because HTC’s products are quite good & optimize well in gaming.

  • Oliver Wiegand

    I would love to win it for my wife <3

  • W365

    It’d be perfect for my wife.

  • Badelhas

    Is this worldwide? Will you be announcing the winner on the widget this time?


  • Livivua Chandler

    I can actually take some great pictures!

  • Mikhail_Sergeevich

    Want to make present for my beautiful Mary.

  • Amber Hume

    Because it’s best present on Valentine’s day!

  • J. Gouveia

    Original and useful, really sweeter than the roses…
    She’ ll love it.

  • Ruy M.

    I want to win so I can upgrade my current outdated HTC phone that I adore.

  • David Triscari

    Always wanted to get HTC, but it’s rather expensive…

  • Amin Salasa

    i would like to win the htc as a gift surprised for my beloved one

  • Pooja Patil

    To win it for my First love – My dad

  • Lucian Cornea

    i need a new phone

  • Mikhail_Sergeevich

    Just this phone can be my Valentine, if no one else want it((

  • April Gupton

    Because I heard they are great!

  • Aleksandar Petrovi?

    I have no idea. It’ll be cool to get another HTC phone? *forever single*

  • Jonathan G

    I would like to win a phone for Valentine’s Day, because I currently do not have a cellphone, & have been looking to get one. This would make that process so much simpler.

  • Carol Roberts clark

    my phone broke and now i have a broke phone i need one bad

  • ajhall62

    HTC has manufactured very good phones.

  • Vitos Bandos

    HTC phones are elegant like my girlfriend. Love it so much.

  • SheilaV

    I want to win because HTC Is the best and when you love someone you give the best!

  • Contax Contax

    This would make a great gift for someone special

  • davidchatarrero

    It’s much better than my phone!

  • Mathieu van Sluis

    I would like to win the red HTC A9 for my wife since it’s such a beautiful color and my wife now has a crappy Samsung S4 mini and she deserves better.

  • Richard Hicks

    I want to win because I am impressed with its features

  • Khalid El-Bakhouch

    I’m a student. I do not have money to buy a phone

  • Elle

    I would love to win because it is a great phone.

  • Angela Mason

    Honestly I would love to win this because my other phone is messing up, plus the features are a lot better! Thank you so very kindly for the opportunity! Enjoy your day!!

  • Gord

    I would like to win so that I can try an HTC phone for the very first time.

  • Ricardo

    thanks for the chance, HTC is great brand! luck for all!

  • Linda

    I’d like to give this to my husband.

  • Mohamed Rifkhan

    I would like to gift it to my lonely self if that’s ok

  • John Undisclosed

    My very first android was a HTC, it would be a very nice gift.

  • Diana Leon

    I want to win this for my in-laws who need an upgrade in their phone.

  • Shell Mac

    i would like to win htc 10 for my girlfriend

  • xtinajerez

    Htc 10 would be great

  • xtinajerez

    Htc one a 9 will be awesome

  • Clara Duarte

    I’d like to win one of the phones because red is my wife’s favorite Dia São Valentim

  • arra carrasco-odeza

    I’d love to win the HTC phone because I am planning to give it to my husband if ever I win for his bday. He’s the type of person who never like fancy gadgets that’s why he’s still using his old phone. It would be a very nice present on his bday and our anniversary too.

  • Sushruta

    Want to upgrade from Galaxy Grand…

  • d

    hTC 10 red for my valentine ?

  • Vickie Kulp

    I have a plain cell phone now. I can make calls and do some texting only. I’d love to have one that is up to date!

  • Ashley Mains

    I would love to win one for valentines day because I am actually in the process of looking for a new phone! It would be a gift for myself!

  • penemio

    Because me wife deserves the best new cell phone out there

  • ivel1977

    So I can keep in touch with my hubby at all times

  • LaPilass

    have an old phone, need an upgrade

  • Chrissy R.

    I would love to win the HTC 10 because my husband’s phone just died and he really wants this particular model. And obviously if I win it and give it to him I will win wife of the year award!

  • Heather Hayes Panjon

    I’d love to win this, it would be a major upgrade and keep me connected with loved ones.

  • Dino

    I’d like to win because it would be cool.

  • rajee

    I love HTC phone comes with my favorite color

  • Yvonne

    I love HTC phones, they talk clear sharp pictures. And I plan on taking lots of pictures with it.

  • Brandon Sparks

    I want an HTC phone because they are the best on the market.

  • http://twitter.com/anushree_ray Anushree Ray

    Who is the winner?

  • http://www.chipchick.com Chip Chick

    Hi Anushree,
    The HTC giveaway has finished. We’ve emailed the winner and are waiting to get a response from them. Once we do, we will post their name on the giveaway page.

    Chip Chick Team

  • Ilya Evgenevich


  • http://www.chipchick.com Chip Chick

    Hi Ilya, the winners names are now listed

  • Ilya Evgenevich

    OK, gratz to them )

  • http://www.chipchick.com Chip Chick

    Hi Ilya,

    The winners have been posted on the page.