Windows 10 Creators Update Will Bring a Picture-in-Picture Feature

The Windows 10 Creators Update Will Include a Picture-in-Picture Feature

When we first heard about the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update last year, we saw a lot about features meant for the artistically-inclined. Well, now that Microsoft’s newest preview build is out, we’re seeing a feature everyone can appreciate — picture-in-picture.

Picture-in-picture will be an extension of what’s largely — but not universally — possible in Windows 10. Instead of snapping panes to the side to create a split-screen view, the new Compact Overlay will create a small window showing another app running in the background. Generally, this will be most useful with video, allowing you to keep watching something while working or otherwise engaged. It looks like it’ll work the same way Skype does when an active video call is minimized, with a small window on screen that can bring up the full window on command.

The short of it is that you’ll basically never need to stop playing Netflix. Work never has to get in the way of a good binge, and honestly, that might make this feature the most important technological development of 2017. I know, it’s early, but I’ve really got a good feeling about this one.

The finished version of the Windows 10 Creators update is expected to be ready in April, so if you’re not part of Microsoft’s preview program, you’ll have to wait until then to get in on this picture-in-picture magic.

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