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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is Your New Robot Overlord

The Amazon boss got to hop into an experimental robot suit.

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before — a billionaire suits up in robot armor. We’re one step closer to the Avengers being real today, and it looks like Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is going to be our Iron Man. Bezos hopped into a Korean-made robot suit at Amazon’s MARS conference over the weekend, and it was as surreal as you’d imagine.

The MARS conference isn’t about the planet — it stands for machine learning, home automation, robotics, and space. One of the exhibitors was Hankook Mirae Technology, and they’re working on something straight out of science fiction. Their massive 14-foot robot suit is a sight to behold, resembling any number of mechs you’ve seen in the movies.

Fortunately for us, Bezos won’t be going on a rampage yet. For robots of this size, the problems of energy and weight bearing still haven’t been totally ironed out. You might notice that the robot suit is dangling from two chains coming from the ceiling — without those, the suit would likely topple over if someone tried to move it around.

So, for now, all Bezos could do was go full inflatable waving arm man. But, it’s only a matter of time before, in the Amazon tradition, the robot mechs begin delivering packages to your doorstep. The packages may or may not be filled with pain.


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