iTunes Movies Rentals Can FINALLY Be Watched on Multiple Devices

It’s hard to believe this is only happening in 2017.

Usually, Apple is at the forefront of the tech world, but no one’s perfect. The company is finally rectifying one of those imperfections this week by finally allowing its users to watch movie rentals across all their devices.

After years of so many companies championing the power of the cloud and letting us access everything from documents to photos to music from any device, it’s pretty shocking that this was overlooked for so long. Until now, a movie rental on iTunes was locked to whatever device you made the rental on. Used your iPhone on the bus on the way home from work? There was no getting that movie on an iPad or Apple TV.

With a new iTunes update, users can now watch iTunes rentals across all of their Apple devices (well, alright, maybe not the Watch). But, don’t get too excited. The new feature requires the iOS 10.3 and tvOS 10.2 updates, both of which are only in public beta right now. If you don’t want to jump into Apple’s beta testing program, you’ll have to wait a bit longer — the good news is that both updates will almost certainly be widely available in the next few months.

Via Engadget