Beauty and the Beast Has Record Weekend, Rakes in $357.1M Globally

The live action remake set a couple records, too.

Some things never change. The original Beauty and the Beast was one of Disney’s biggest success at the box office at the time, and the live action remake is proving to be no different. After opening last Friday, the new Beauty and the Beast brought in $174.8 million in North America alone — globally, the movie brought in a stunning $357.1 million.

For some perspective on how things have changed over the years, consider this — the 1991 original, a smash hit, earned $145.9 million in North America and $351.9 million worldwide over its entire theatrical run. But, there’s no need to just compare the new movie to the original — these numbers are in rarefied air.

First, the firsts. Beauty and the Beast now owns the best opening for a PG-rated movie and the best March release. The $174.8 million North American opening is the sixth-best ever, but I’m sure Disney’s not too upset about it — they own four of the top five in The Force AwakensThe AvengersAge of Ultron, and Captain America: Civil War. Only Jurassic World at number two has escaped Disney’s grasp. For now, anyway.

The smash opening bodes well for Disney’s immediate future. With live action remakes of what seems like all of their animated classics in the works, Beauty and the Beast‘s performance suggests that there’s exactly as much interest in those projects as Disney had hoped.

So, what’s next? From what we can tell, the live action Mulan is next up for a release, scheduled for November 2, 2018. Don’t expect something as faithful to the animated original, though — in an interview with MovieFone, director Niki Caro revealed that the live action Mulan will not have any songs. Caro did describe the movie as “a big, girly martial arts epic,” which is good enough for us. Disney also plans to release Mary Poppins Returns, a sequel to the 1964 original, on Christmas Day 2018 — oh, and all that Marvel and Star Wars stuff they do.

Via The Hollywood Reporter

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