Did You Catch This Hidden Tribute to Walt Disney in Beauty and the Beast?

You might have missed it what with all the singing and dancing!

Belle and the Beast returned to theaters last week and did a pretty fine job of charming moviegoers, setting records at the box office. Well, now it’s time to go see it more times – there’s at least one Easter Egg to find, but knowing Disney’s history, there’s probably a lot more where that came from.

The Hollywood Reporter has a cool behind-the-scenes report about Beast’s castle and its real-world inspirations. A lot of the architecture and interior design was taken from actual castles and palaces around the world, from the rococo stylings of Versailles to German churches to an abbey in the Czech Republic. It’s basically an amalgamation of every European tourism pamphlet.

But, one thing wasn’t taken from any of those locations – if you check out the floor of Beast’s ballroom, you’ll notice a light bluish circle with an ornate design. That actually bears a monogram – W.D., for Walt Disney. Production designer Sarah Greenwood told The Hollywood Reporter the monogram was a “quiet homage to Walt Disney. Also the W was lovely.”

We don’t think they stopped there – we’re keeping our eyes peeled, but let us know if you spotted any sneaky references to Walt Disney or any of Disney’s other movies!

Via The Hollywood Reporter

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