The All-Black OnePlus 3T Will Get More Limited Releases

The release with French retailer Colette was only the first.

Turns out you didn’t have to go all the way to France to get that all-black OnePlus 3T after all. The smartphone maker has announced that they’re planning a second production run that will be sold online in partnership with Hypebeast. If the demand for all-black phones continues to prove insatiable, they’ll keep right on making more.

The all-black OnePlus 3T that will be sold on Hypebeast will be identical to the one sold at Colette in Paris earlier this week, minus the Colette logo. Like with the Colette release, there will only be 250 units available. They aren’t giving you as much time to make a decision, though — the sale starts tomorrow at 4:00 PM GMT, or 12:00 PM Eastern, on the online Hypebeast store for $480.

OnePlus says they also plan to make the phone available at oneplus.net sometime in the near future, although that will also be a limited release. Either way, you’ll still be paying a $40 premium for style points, but it might be worth it for a phone I thought was one of the best values of 2016.

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