Colette Celebrates its 20th Anniversary With a Super Glittery iPhone Case

French boutique colette is celebrating 20 years in business, and they’re using tech to celebrate. We just saw a limited edition black OnePlus 3T, but let’s not sleep on this great glitter case from Casetify! And, unlike that OnePlus 3T, this case is a little more traditionally colette.

The transparent glitter iPhone 6/7 case has all kinds of little blue and white trinkets floating around, matching the store’s famous color scheme. They’ve got their logo in there, along with shoes, jackets, backpacks, headphones — you know, boutique stuff!

But, this $50 case is a limited edition release, and stock is almost out. Good luck grabbing one, but hey, at least it’s available online — no need to go all the way over to France like with that limited edition OnePlus 3T.

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