Cloudious9 Hydrology9 Vaporizer Review

This sci-fi looking vape lasts and lasts.

If desktop vaporizers are the past and handheld portables are the present, what does the future of vaping look like? Presenting the Hydrology9 by Cloudious9, a liquid filtration vaporizer that promises to deliver the ultimate user experience in an ultra-futuristic design. Is the forecast calling for clouds? Keep reading to find out what the future has in store.

Constructed of glass and aluminum, the sleek design of the Hydrology9 looks more like a futuristic water bottle than a present day vaporizer. Inside is an aluminum tunnel tube that acts as a water filtration system. Weighing in at a pound with a diameter of 1.75″ and measuring 7″ in length, this vape is definitely not meant for the pocket of your skinny jeans.

Creating a good seal with your lips is key when it comes to using the Hydrology9. To access the mouthpiece, simply pull off the top magnetic cover and press your lips inside. When it comes to airflow resistance, everyone has their own personal preference. Fortunately, the two air vents located near the bottom of the unit can be adjusted to dial in your sweet spot.

Take this time to carefully fill the water reservoir by unscrewing the mouthpiece and using a light stream of water. Make sure to cover the USB port and air vent with your thumb and forefinger to avoid accidental water spillage. To prevent water from bubbling out of the mouthpiece during use, keep the reservoir only 70 percent full. The 360-degree leak protection of the Hydrology9 works almost too good, making it a bit tedious to fill with water.

Remember the days of stirring between sessions to ensure even cooking of your herbs? The Hydrology9 eliminates this step by incorporating a paper clip-esque stirring stick into the bottom lid. To stir your herbs, simply turn the dial on the bottom lid a few times.

Current high-end vaporizers use ceramic chambers to toast your herbs. Taking things a step further, the Hydrology9 uses food grade porcelain in its large heating chamber. Heating temperature is kept consistent thanks to the built-in thermostat that senses when cool air enters the chamber while inhaling. Loading herbs into the vape is a snap thanks to the raised edge that surrounds the chamber.

While its competitors are trying to cram the newest technology into the “lightest and smallest form factor yet,” the Hydrology9 defies convention by being one of the largest “portable” vaporizers around. While hefty form factors are not ideal for portability, they do work great for using high capacity batteries. Charging fully in about three hours, we enjoyed 12 full sessions before having to recharge.

With the Hydrology9 locked and loaded, quickly press the power button three times to power on. Each extra press cycles through five different heat settings, each represented by a specific colored light. Once a temperature has been selected, the light will flash for about sixty seconds before turning solid green, signaling that the device is ready to use.

For the fattest rips, press your lips into the mouthpiece and take long deep pulls while at the same time turning the bottom knob to stir your herbs. After two short minutes your session will end and the color will change to light blue. If you fancy another round, a press of the button is all it takes to start another session. As a safety feature, the Hydrology9 will automatically shut off after ten minutes of inactivity.

Its size and weight make this vape more suitable for use at home than on the go. It also makes the Hydrology9 the perfect candidate for incorporating a companion mobile app. Unfortunately, that opportunity was missed this time around. Here’s hoping the next generation unit will bring the ability to control temperature, session length and custom lighting schemes directly from your smartphone.

To reduce the risk of bacteria and mold growth, unscrew all pieces to allow the vape to dry completely. Once completely disassembled, use the two included brush tools to make quick work of cleaning the Hydrology9.

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