These Donuts Earphones Look Good Enough for Homer Simpson to Eat

These tasty little earphones are elusive!

If you’re looking for a sweet new pair of in-ear headphones, I’ve got some good news and some bad news. The good news is that these donuts earphones are cute and look delicious. The bad news is that it looks like you might need a good friend in Japan to get you a pair.

The earphones are decorated with donuts in one of four flavors on the housings, and we have to commend whoever made them on their taste — strawberry chocolate, milk chocolate, mint chocolate, and blueberry chocolate are all pretty stellar combinations (with apologies to anyone who doesn’t like chocolate, I know you’re out there). The earphones also come with matching donut carrying cases, complete with cable management! You won’t get that at Krispy Kreme (unless they get some kind of retail deal going).

You can find the donuts earphones here, but if you want to buy them, you’ll be taken to a Japanese site. As best I can tell, the order form doesn’t allow for international shipping. If these earphones have got you salivating, hopefully you have a friend in Japan who can hook it up! If not, here’s hoping they show up on eBay someday.

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