Google Puts Ms. Pac-Man on Google Maps for April Fools

Try European cities for hard mode!

April Fool’s Day falls on a weekend this year. Google, worried that they wouldn’t be able to prank office managers around the world, did us all a solid and got things started a day early. Your time-waster for today is Google’s April 1 tradition — Pac-Man on Google Maps.

For 2017, they’ve got Ms. Pac-Man chomping through city streets around the globe. The game works on your phone — open the Google Maps app, tap on the Ms. Pac-Man button, and away you go.

All you’ll need to do now is find a good city to play in. If you’re looking for a challenge, head to Europe — those older cities weren’t designed with lots of car traffic in mind, and it shows in all the twisty, turny streets. The grids of United States cities constitute easy mode, although if you can find a city with a labyrinth of highway on-ramps, you could be in business.

The important thing is that you’re actually not in business, and are blowing time playing Ms. Pac-Man instead. It’s tradition.

Via Kotaku

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