IKEA Has Come Out With Their Own Smart Home Lighting System

The Swedish furniture retailer is getting even more tech friendly.

We talk a lot about the smart home and the struggle to keep it simple. Well, who does simplicity better than IKEA? Following their tabletop wireless chargers, IKEA is now selling their own smart lights and dimmers — and no, you don’t have to assemble the electronics. That’d be fun, though!

So far, the lights are only available in IKEA’s native Sweden, but we imagine that will change before too long. Called Trådfri, the new line of smart lights includes a ZigBee-enabled bridge that can be connected to a router and the smart LED bulbs themselves, which look very IKEA. That’s a legitimate adjective now.

Also along for the ride is a pretty cool dimmer switch. It’s a wireless, featureless puck that looks to have touch controls — from the very European ad, it looks like you can slide your finger around the edge to dim or brighten lights. They also have a more traditional remote with buttons, but it doesn’t look as IKEA.

The Trådfri smart light system is up on the Swedish IKEA site, with the starter kit (two bulbs, the bridge unit, and the boring remote) going for 749 kr, or about $85. It looks like IKEA will have their own control app, too, but if you have a smart home hub that works with ZigBee, you should be able to loop these lights in.

Via The Verge

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