Joss Whedon is Making a Batgirl Movie

The project is all his – he’ll be writer, director, and producer.

This is shades of J.J. Abrams doing both Star Trek and Star Wars! After having left his mark on Marvel with The Avengers and Age of Ultron, Joss Whedon is ready to see what he can do for DC. Variety reported yesterday that Whedon is close to a deal with Warner Bros. to write, direct, and produce a Batgirl movie.

Last year we got our hopes up about a Batgirl movie when director Nicolas Winding Refn mentioned he would be willing to helm a project. Alas, he won’t get the chance (not for another 10 to 15 years, anyway). Whedon will be take charge of the project.

With the deal not even inked yet, there’s no telling which Batgirl story (obviously not The Killing Joke) the movie will be based on. It’s fair to assume they’ll use Barbara Gordon, the daughter of Commissioner Gordon and the most recognizable comics character to use the Batgirl name. Whoever they’ll use, it’ll add a bit more girl power to the DC extended universe, joining Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn. They’re doing better than Marvel, who won’t have a standalone woman-led superhero movie until Captain Marvel in 2019.

While the move to DC was unexpected, Whedon had been done with Marvel since Age of Ultronciting the stress of having command over an entire cinematic universe (and having to please a lot of people on set in the process). It also caused him to duck out of Twitter, although he’s since returned. But, the Batgirl project would likely not be as stressful — Whedon should be free to just tell his story and get out. Zach Snyder can figure out how to make everything fit.

Via Variety

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