A New Justice League Trailer is Here, and Superman is Nowhere to Be Found

DC’s cinematic answer to The Avengers is almost here.

Better late than never? Five years after The Avengers got the Marvel Cinematic Universe really rolling, DC and Warner Bros. are finally getting Justice League on screen. The collection of DC’s finest will feature Wonder Woman, Batman, a now-cool Aquaman, the Flash, and Cyborg lighting up the screen. Well, figuratively lighting it up — we’re still dealing with the Zach Snyder dark color palette here.

Anyway, Superman, who’s that? He’s not in this trailer, which was uploaded over the weekend. We do see a lot of Wonder Woman, who appears to be in charge more often than not. Jason Momoa looks rad as Aquaman, and let’s give credit where credit’s due. The DC movies have gotten a lot of criticism over the years, often deserved, but turning Aquaman into a cool tough dude is no mean feat (for the record, I think he’s always been treated unfairly). He’s joined by Mera, who’s being played by Amber Heard.

It looks like they’ll be trying a lot of tricks to capture Ezra Miller as the Flash, with slow-motion shots and parts where he just kind of jumps around all over the screen. As many others have noted, Cyborg doesn’t have the best showing — saying that he superheroes too much like Iron Man is unfair, but the suit does look a little too CGI for its own good.

Oh yeah, and Ben Affleck is back as Batman, or The Batman as he might be referred to more often. The trailer even dares to let a bit of humor in, with Batman casually copping to the fact that his superpower is being outrageously wealthy. Actually, looks like Batman has plenty of jokes in this movie, which is supposed to lighten up a bit in general.

But, still no Superman, who is supposedly still dead after Batman V Superman. That’s pretty clearly not going to stay true, but how they’ll bring him back could remain a mystery until the movie comes out (OK, we doubt that). What we do know is that the League spends this trailer fighting a lot of parademons — we won’t spoil who that indicates the villain will be, but the DC faithful will have already figured it out by now. Or, you could just wait until the movie hits theaters on November 17!