Lego-Friendly Adhesive Tape Lets You Build All Over The Walls

Refrigerator art will never be the same!

The tyrannical reign of the floor is over. Now, the walls and, yes, even the ceiling are fair game in the world of Lego building. A couple designers from Cape Town, South Africa are crowdfunding a simple and ingenious creation — Lego-friendly adhesive tape.

The tape is the sort of thick, heavy duty stuff you’ll see used in a lot of DIY projects — the non-sticky side just happens to be lined with Lego-sized studs. The tape can be cut (better measure twice though — don’t want to waste the good stuff) and used on any sort of surface, giving you a new surface to stick Lego bricks on.

The tape can go over curved surfaces just fine, although Lego bricks, being rigid themselves, still won’t be all that useful on curved surface. But, stick some of this tape on a wall or the refrigerator, and you can build little Lego portraits or landscapes, which sounds like the museum we really want to see. I guess you can get more ambitious than that, but at some point gravity is going to have something to say.

Right now, the team only has red and blue tape available on their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. But, having already surpassed their $8,000 funding goal, some stretch goals are in play — new colors will be added at $12,000 and $16,000. Each roll is 1 meter, or about 3.2 feet, in length. Currently, contributing $11 will lock in two rolls of the color of your choice, which are scheduled to ship in July.

Via Nerdist

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