The Museum of Ice Cream is Coming to Los Angeles in April

The traveling ice cream extravaganza is heading west.

Remember that Museum of Ice Cream that opened up in New York last year? Well, it was a pop up museum, and as those do, it’s since closed up shop. But, with warmer weather on the way, it’s high time for it to make its return. This time, the west coast will be getting the sugar rush — the museum will be coming to downtown Los Angeles at the end of April.

The sprinkle pit is most definitely returning — it’s like a ball pit, but with more pastels. Besides the core museum stuff, the Museum of Ice Cream has some new attractions planned just for Los Angeles. In what I’m guessing is a celebration of California legalizing green, the museum is planning to have a grow house full of herbs. No, not those herbs — mint. They’ll also have wild stuff like a melted popsicle jungle and a banana split installation made of thousands of faux bananas.

While some of the attractions will change, the main point of the museum will be the same — to celebrate local creameries. They’ll be featuring creameries from all around California, including McConnell’s, the perennially trendy Salt & Straw, Coolhaus x Cuisinart, and CREAM. One special flavor from one of those creameries will be featured per week, and it’ll probably be worth going just for that. If Coolhaus has their dirty mint chip there, trust me, you need to do yourself a favor and get in on that.

The Museum of Ice Cream will open up at 2018 E 7th in Los Angeles — it’s a trendy late-night area with a lot of art galleries and, if you go on the right night, a lot of primo food trucks. It’ll be there from April 22 to May 29, after which this good thing will once again come to an end. They’ll be open every day but Tuesday from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Tickets are admittedly pricey, at $29 per person ($18 for kids and seniors). It sounds like the Museum of Ice Cream has broken up with Tinder, though — unlike the New York run, there won’t be a Tinder area where you can find your true flavor love, and there’s no special pricing for couples.

Featured photo via the museum’s Instagram

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