Netflix Finally Has a Skip Intro Button

The company is testing a skip intro button to hop ahead of opening sequences.

Last week, word finally started getting out that Netflix has been quietly working on something they’ve no doubt got a lot of requests for over the years. Some users are now seeing a skip intro button that will get them past the opening credits, and it’s going to become the best friend of binge watchers everywhere.

The intro credits (and the bit where they recap last week’s episode) is a holdover from the outgoing TV era, back when we actually had to wait a whole week (sometimes more!) between episodes. It’s a lot less useful for binge watchers — no one wants to sit through the same intro sequence twelve times in one day, and for sure no one wants a recap for an episode they just finished watching.

For now, the feature can only be found on the Netflix web app. Word is that it only works for some shows, too, like Iron Fist and House of Cards. However, rumblings from around the internet suggest this feature has been available in some places for as long as a year. Hard to say for sure, as Netflix hasn’t said much about it officially. The feature isn’t available everywhere (no such luck for me!), but it could be we’ll see more of it in the near future. Netflix wouldn’t be able to hide the change in an iOS or Android app, so we’ll likely hear an official announcement from Netflix when they’re ready to bring the future to those mobile apps.

Via TechnoBuffalo from The Verge

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