Oreo Dunks Cookies Using Drones, But You Can Probably Top Them

It’s not quite hitting the broad side of a barn, but it’s close.

Of all the things we’ve seen drones do lately, well, this is no Lady Gaga Super Bowl show. Some folks from Oreo went to the New York/New Jersey border earlier this week to jump start their cookie dunk social media challenge and dropped cookies into milk using drones, because drones are so hot right now.

Sounds impressive, but we’re going to be real — Oreo kind of took the easy way out here. You see five drones going up dressed like Oreo cookies, with actual Oreo cookies attached and ready to be dropped from a great height, and you get reasonably excited. Alas, the cookies were then dropped from hundreds of feet up down into a barge covered in plastic cups of milk. I mean, sure, trying to hit just one plastic cup of milk from that height would be a tough ask with wind, but I don’t know, narrow it down to one big tub of milk? There’s got to be some risk of failure for it to be a challenge.

I’m going to say this was Oreo’s way of setting the bar low to get everyone else to make some truly lit Oreo dunk videos. There’s a bunch up on Instagram now (Twitter and Facebook also acceptable) with the #oreodunksweepstakes hashtag. One guy dunks a cookie while he’s spinning a ball on his other hand, so that’s already a lot cooler. Later this year Oreo will have a whole big celebrity cookie dunking event, with the five sweepstakes winners going and taking home $2,000. Not a bad haul for a good cookie dunk.

Via AdWeek

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