Saturday Night Live is Finally Going to Air ‘Live’ Across the Nation

Finally, someone thought of the other three time zones.

Saturday Night Live, long the butt of “that show’s still on?” jokes, is having a renaissance season thanks to the considerable amount of political material they’ve been given. With bits like Melissa McCarthy’s incredible impression of current White House press secretary Sean Spicer, ratings have been soaring.

Thing is, Saturday Night Live usually only airs live in the eastern time zone, coming on at 11:30 PM in all time zones. That’s a bit of a no-no in the age of Twitter, where discussion of a show is just as much of an event as the show itself. But, SNL had been waning since the dawn of Twitter, so the delays in other time zones didn’t matter that much.

Not so now. So, NBC is doing a little experiment with their late night comedy mainstay. The April 15, May 6, May 12, and May 20 episodes will air live in all time zones, coming on at 8:30 PM Pacific, 9:30 PM Mountain, 10:30 PM Central, and the usual 11:30 PM Eastern. I’m sure roping the sure-to-be-lit tax day episode into this was not an accident.

The lineup of hosts of those episodes is pretty decent, too. Jimmy Fallon returns to the show on April 15, with Chris Pine coming in on May 6. McCarthy will take over hosting duties on May 12, and the Rock himself, Dwayne Johnson, will wrap up the run on May 20.

Via The Hollywood Reporter

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