Sling TV Expands its Cloud DVR Beta to Amazon Users

But it’s not free, and the storage won’t be as much as Roku users have gotten.

Sling TV is still working out how to implement what’s likely their most requested feature — DVR. Sling TV rolled out a cloud DVR feature to Roku users late last year, and now they’re adding it to a new First Look program. But, there’s been some changes made, and the beta still won’t be open to all platforms.

The new First Look program is planned as a way to roll out beta features to interested customers, and it’ll get its start with this cloud DVR feature. At the outset, the cloud DVR feature will be available to Amazon customers — this includes anyone who owns an Amazon Fire TV device or a Fire tablet.

The First Look program will not be the same as the cloud DVR beta Roku users got. That program was free and offered 100 hours of storage with no time restrictions (shows will stay on your DVR as long as you don’t overwrite them). The First Look beta program won’t have time restrictions either, but the limit has been lowered to 50 hours, and it’ll cost $5 per month.

If you do have one of those Amazon devices, you won’t be limited to trying out the cloud DVR feature on just those devices. You’ll need an Amazon device to set up the feature, but after that, you’ll be able to access your cloud DVR on Android, Android TV, and Roku. Roku users who already got in on the free 100-hour cloud DVR will retain that for the time being.

With a lot more streaming TV services becoming available in the first few months of this year (and more to come), Sling TV can’t afford to not have a DVR feature for much longer. But, with this announcement, it still looks like they’re trying to feel out how much storage they can afford to give out, and how much they can get away with charging. That’ll be a tricky balance, but they’ll need to figure it out soon.

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