Starbucks is Ringing in Spring with Cute Pastel Cups

But they’ll only be around for a few days.

Ready for winter to be over? So is Starbucks. In the few days before spring starts, they’ll be using all-new pastel-colored cups at locations in the United States and Canada. And, prepare yourself — in a shocking twist, the mermaid logo is nowhere to be found.

Because the world hasn’t totally gone mad, the change will be short-lived. Starbucks plans to use the pastel blue, green, and yellow cups for just a handful of days starting March 16. Instead of the logo, the cups will have a white blank space (please don’t sue us Taylor), which also means that the Starbucks cup is now a canvas! Some of the cups will even have hand drawn style doodles, like a sun or a bunny rabbit (’tis the season).

Joshua Trujillo, Starbucks

It’s a cute idea, but it’s also confirmation of what we’ve long known — Starbucks has mastered the art of getting us to advertise Starbucks on Instagram for them. We just won’t be able to help ourselves.

Via Thrillist

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