Win 4 IMAX Tickets to Beauty and The Beast + 5 Funko Pops

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The live action Beauty and the Beast film is one of our most highly anticipated films of 2017. We’re psyched to see Mrs. Potts in CGI, ok! To celebrate our enthusiasm, we’re giving away 4 IMAX tickets to see Disney’s Beauty and The Beast (valued at $23 per ticket), and prize pack of 5 Beauty and The Beast Funko Pops! (Set includes: Belle, Beast, Mrs. Potts and Chip, Lumiere, and Cogsworth)(valued at $9.99 per Funko Pop!). Watching the film in IMAX is important! That is because the entire film will be specially formatted and presented in an expanded 1.9:1 aspect ratio. This means that only in IMAX the movie will fill more of the screen, and fans will see 26% more of the image in IMAX than standard theatres, for a truly enchanted moviegoing experience.

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  1. I love Beauty and the Beast because it’s such a beautiful movie. So happy, too. And with a great message underlying it.

  2. I love Beauty and the Beast because it’s a classic story that I’ve known all my life. One of my favorite Disney films and I can’t wait to see how Emma Watson and the rest of the cast do in this updated version!

  3. I love Beauty and the Beast because it is a tale that fascinated me as a child and now my granddaughter. It’s timeless.

  4. I love beauty and beast because of the lesson. It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

  5. Ive always loved beauty in the beast because I always related to Belle. i spent a lot of time with my nose in a book.

  6. I love Beauty and the Beast because the atmosphere is mysterious and the music is beautiful.

  7. I love Beauty and the Beast because I used to watch it as a child. Plus I love the message in it.

  8. I love Beauty and the Beast because I got to see it live at Disney World when the cartoon version came out with my grandma before she died so it brings back many memories of her and my childhood!

  9. I love Beauty and the Beat because of the music and its beautiful message! It reminds me of my teen years and that brings back happy memories.

  10. OH MY GOODNESS what an amazing prize! Thank you so much for this chance to win. I have loved Beauty and the Beast since the very first time I saw it – it was a huge part of my life and Belle was always my role model. She’s still my favourite Disney princess after all this time <3

  11. I love Beauty and the Beast because it teaches you to love the person in the inside not what they look like on the outside. Such a beautiful classic movie!


  13. I love Beauty & Beast such a charming it show how one can fall in love someone for what inside not the outer package. Greta movie can not wait to see it

  14. Beauty and the Beast is such a beautiful love story. I love the animated version and can’t wait to see this re-make. Thanks!

  15. I have loved Beauty and the Beast since the animated movie. I can’t wait to see this one.

  16. I love Beauty & the Beast because it’s such a classic love story and a story of acceptance & compassion. And Belle is such a great independent, smart girl!

  17. I love it because I am a Disney lover. I have a wonderful love for the Princess movies because we have alll dreamed of being a princess.

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