The Wrensilva Loft is a Gorgeous Record Console That Doubles as Furniture

They’ve also built Sonos connectivity into this one.

We fell in love with Wrensilva’s original record consoles last year, but they were pretty big and pretty pricey. Fortunately, the Salyers have been hard at work in San Diego designing something a little more lightweight for the space-deprived among us. The result is the Wrensilva Loft, a scaled down system with more modern conveniences.

The M1 Console Stereo we looked at last year was for the purists. This one’s for the pragmatists. Instead of coming with a whole cabinet stocked with a speaker system, the Loft’s turntable sits atop a light metal frame with a shelf for storage underneath.

While the Loft can be purchased with monitor speakers, the cheapest option is to forego speakers and use your existing system. Wrensilva did add a solid state pre-amp and an amp with 300W of output, so it’ll be more than ready to power those existing systems.

Besides having 3.5 mm and auxiliary ports, the Loft turntable has a Sonos receiver inside, meaning it can be used with your Sonos system out of the box. The larger M1 Console Stereo was compatible with the Sonos bridge unit, but didn’t have Wi-Fi connectivity itself.

While the Loft is less expensive, no less detail has been paid to the construction. The team used walnut hardwood and aluminum details, along with steel for the frame and shelf below. It doesn’t quite have the retro-modern fusion look of the original Wrensilva consoles, but it’s elegant nonetheless.

So, less expensive is a relative term. The Wrensilva Loft comes in at $3,000, which goes up to $4,500 if you opt for the bundle with the monitor speakers.

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