27 Pieces of Cat Jewelry to Wear When You’re Out On The Prowl

Oh, if only we could all be cats — lazy days, naps in the sun, and cuddles. Sadly, we can’t be cats, but we can wear their jewelry. We found 27 fantastic pieces to show off your true inner animal.

Cindy Clawford Ring

Keep it flexible with this gorgeous adjustable ring. Handmade cut and scratch resistant to ensure your new bestie is here to stay.

Every Day is Caturday – $16

Fortune Kitty Good Luck Earrings

Lucky or not, these earrings are so charming, you could get away with anything. Rose gold makes these so trendy and irresistible.

Every Day is Caturday – $21

Pounce on My Level

This necklace is for those out on the hunt. It’ll give you Beyoncé level confidence, and it looks so very Sasha Fierce.

Every Day is Caturday – $21

Sphinx Pearl Drop Earrings

Danging and dainty, there is absolutely no cat lady shame here. Clean up is easy with copper and synthetic pearl that’ll accentuate your beautiful eyes. (Psst, they’re on sale)

Every Day is Caturday – $21 (buy one, get one free)

Paw-Inspiring Earrings

Completely art deco and all sass. These jazz-age inspired beauties will spice up any flapper dress or tee.

Every Day is Caturday – $14

Donut Forget to Check Meowt Earring Trio

What goes better than cats and donuts? Nothing, that’s what. Choose from this gorgeous trio to match your outfit.

Every Day is Caturday – $12

Bengal Bracelet

Keep your aesthetic ultra luxe and minimalist with a Bengal bracelet. I really wish it was called a bengal bangle, though.

Every Day is Caturday – $24

Pawdrey Hepburn Diamond Earrings

White gold to treat your delicate ears to, and a large gem to treat your eyes to. Throw these on with some winged liner, and you are good to go.

Every Day is Caturday – $14

Cat Charm Necklace

Take inspiration from your furry friends, and keep it simple, real, and chill. This necklace can be customized to you and your tastes.

Linastory/Etsy – $8.90 and up

Mint Green Cat Wrist Watch

Any time you’re worried or stressed, you’ll have this little guy to remind you to slow down and take a deep breath. Black, mint, and gold make for such a classy combination that can be paired with an array of neutrals.

TheTeofMala/Etsy – about $14

David Bowie Cat Pin

Pins are all the rage right now. You can liven up any backpack or jean jacket with a sprinkle of quirky style, with a nod to Aladdin Sane-era Bowie.

DanielleVGreen/Etsy – $9

Whisker to Whisker Grin Ring Set

This little guy comes in silver and gold, and is always there to cheer you on with a little smile at your fingertips. A cat is happiest when it knows it has a home. Thankfully, Every Day is Caturday has decided that a portion of the proceeds from their shop will be donated to cat charities.

Every Day is Caturday – $14

Pizza Cat Pin

The pin your lapel didn’t know it needed…until now. Combine two of the best things about life into one cute statement.

ilikeCATSshop/Etsy – about $9.50

Cat Lover Necklace

Embrace your cat-loving self and show it off to the world. This necklace is made out of durable of stainless steel so you can wear it on the daily.

sierrametaldesign/Etsy – $23

Cat Ring

Sheer stackable perfection, this ring is well suited to wear with a ball gown or a chunky sweater and tights. It’s available in a wide size range, and perfect for toes and thumbs as well.

NodusJewelry/Etsy – $26

Mini Galaxy Cat Earrings

Each pair of these are as glittery and unique as you are. They’ve been lovingly hand-crafted from black acrylic and glitzy foil. Every stud holds its own galaxy. Neil DeGrasse Tyson would approve.

blossomandcat/Etsy – about $14

Cat Necklace Engraving Pendant

This pendant is purrfect, whether you have a specific pet in mind or are dedicating it to all cats to come. Take your pick of chain length, engraving, and even metal type.

ChristyTreasureBox/Etsy – $12 and up

Pink Purrmaid Pin

Who said cats don’t like water? This kitty is full of vibrancy and joy. This pin is begging to be on the perfect tote bag.

OhPlesiosaur/Etsy – $10

Cat Lover Necklace

Be the cat’s meow and life of the party with the perfect gift for your bestie. You can cherry pick your favorite cat pun and the chain length at checkout.

GallaghersBoutique/Etsy – about $13

Kawaii Two-Part Earrings

Two part earrings are totally fierce and kawaii. Pair with any casual outfit to completely upgrade your look.

LeChatNoirCutisserie/Etsy – about $11

Rose Gold-plated Sterling Silver Earrings

You can feel as good as you look with these cute, simple earrings.

MontyJewelry/Etsy  – $25

Cat Watch for Women

We all need a reminder to take a break and stretch it out. Every time you check the time, you’ll get a silly reminder from a friendly kitty.

AyoBijou/Etsy – $18 and up

Adjustable Sterling Silver Cat Ring

Sterling silver provides the shine and durability while you provide the attitude. Adjustable so that you can mix up your jewelry on a whim.

FemmeMecanique/Etsy – about $40

Sterling Climbing Cat Ring

We could all use a buddy that’s hanging in there through tough times. This cat isn’t going anywhere, it’s made of a high quality sterling silver.

VillaSorgenfrei/Etsy – about $31

Cat in Dog Pendant

No need to be divisive, show all of your fur-babies love in this pendant. Wear a little of their love for you each day.

ILovePersonalPrints/Etsy – $52

La Contessa by Mary DeMarco Dangling Cat Earrings

Vintage and dainty? This pair is the perfect blend of the two. So stylish, your ears won’t even know what hit them.

OrphanedTreasure/Etsy – $36

Cat Skull Necklace Replica

Before you freak out, please note that this is a replica necklace. It’s a little macabre, sure, all around trendy.

tinkercast/Etsy – $35.75