29 Upcoming DC and Marvel Superhero Live-Action Films We Can Hardly Wait For

Marvel has a lot of films that are definitely happening, but who knows with DC!

Hollywood is all about the cinematic universe now, and, like for so much else, we have superheroes to thank. Marvel really got the ball rolling, breaking out of the concept of film trilogies by creating an ongoing story with no end in sight. Fellow comics giant DC arrived a little late to the party, but with the DC Extended Universe possibly taking shape, we could have two cinematic comics universes for the foreseeable future, all with several movies per year.

We’re going to be watching a lot of DCEU and MCU movies in the near future, is what we’re saying. By our count, there are 29 in the works – and those are just the ones we know of. We’ll get started with Marvel, which has this thing down to a science. Then we’ll move on to DC, which has a ton of movies planned, but with less certainty that they’ll all be made.


Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 – May 5, 2017

At the time, Guardians of the Galaxy was Marvel’s biggest risk — their first crack at making lesser known superheroes work on screen. It turned out to be a hit, cementing the Marvel name as gold and proving that the cinematic universe idea was viable. Star-Lord and company are returning next month, and this time, no one’s wondering if enough people will be interested.

Spider-Man: Homecoming – July 7, 2017

Now that Marvel and Sony have agreed to share Spider-Man, he’s finally been able to join the MCU. He debuted in Civil War, but Homecoming will be Tom Holland’s first solo movie as Spider-Man. And, while it’s being produced jointly by Marvel and Sony, it’s very much still part of the MCU with Tony Stark taking on the role of mentor.

Thor: Ragnarok – November 3, 2017

The third Thor movie will go off-world, leaving behind the Avengers and Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster. Riffing off the Planet Hulk storyline in the comics, Thor ends up captive on a planet high on Roman gladiator-style combat. Thor and Hulk get some quality time together, and we meet some characters like death goddess Hela who could figure heavily into the upcoming mega-crossover, Infinity War.

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