New Doctor Who Trailer Teases the Doctor’s Regeneration

This year’s Christmas special is supposed to be Capaldi’s last, but could it come sooner?

We’ve known that Doctor Who is in for a total regeneration after this series — not only is current Doctor Peter Capaldi leaving, showrunner Steven Moffat is joining him. But, we had assumed that the official regeneration of the Doctor would take place as usual during the Christmas special — while that still might be the case, a new promo for the upcoming series is already teasing it.

The most recent trailer shows a panicked 12th doctor in a hair-raising situation — and we know what that means. It’s still unlikely we’ll see the regeneration early — Capaldi is sure to get some time with the new companion, Pearl Mackie’s Bill. Past that, Moffat could get creative. With the 12 regeneration limit gone, who’s to say things need to stay traditional?

The trailer has some other cool bits, like retro Cybermen and what Bill refers to as an “emoji-speaking robot.” I’m not sure that one “speaks” emoji, but we (and the robot’s eyes) get the picture.

We’ll find out just how creative Moffat gets in his last season soon — the new series premieres on April 15.

Via io9

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