Dolph Lundgren Will Star as a Villain in the Aquaman Movie

He’ll play King Nereus of Xebel in the movie, which is coming late next year.

Nereus doesn’t roll off the tongue quite like Drago(ooooooooooo), but we’ll go with it. Dolph Lundgren, the professional movie villain of enduring Rocky IV fame, is officially in as King Nereus in the upcoming Aquaman. That brings the movie to two major Aquaman villains, so Jason Momoa is going to be busy.

The dual-villain approach isn’t one we see too often, especially when we’re talking about two major villains that don’t necessarily cooperate. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II had already been confirmed as Black Manta, and we figured that would more or less be the end of it. Not so, with King Nereus — a relatively new Aquaman villain with a concerted interest in Aquaman’s queen, Mera — getting in on the action.

We’ll have to wait a while to see how this will all work on screen, with the movie not slated to come out until December 21, 2018. But, there is some cause for hope — in a DC Extended Universe riddled with delays and hazy project ideas, Aquaman is one of the rare exceptions that has taken shape quickly and moved forward.

Then again, that could change based on the fortunes of this year’s Wonder Woman and Justice League, the latter of which will introduce Jason Momoa as Aquaman. Suicide Squad reportedly underwent reshoots after negative reaction toward the tone of Batman v Superman, so we know Warner Bros and DC aren’t averse to making changes on the fly. Hopefully things stay on track, because any movie with the GOAT movie villain actor (no one else is delivering “I fight to win! For me!” as good as Lundgren) has to be one worth seeing.

Via Movie Pilot

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