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Everything New Coming to Netflix in May

In which House of Cards desperately tries to outdo reality.

Things are about to get political in one of the last socially acceptable ways left. House of Cards is coming back this month, headlining a month filled with superheroes (which Frank and Claire Underwood clearly are). It’s a good month if Netflix has replaced TV altogether for you.

House of Cards – May 30

No secret that we love us some DC and Marvel around here, but when we’re talking Netflix, there’s no upstaging Underwood — Claire or Frank. To get you ready, here’s a teaser that, if we’re being honest, does nothing for us. Hey, at least it doesn’t spoil anything!

Doctor Strange – May 30

If you’re not about that theater life, chances are this is the first chance you’ll have to check out the first of Marvel’s latest wave of superheroes. Doctor Strange did right by critics and audiences alike during its theatrical run, proving that Marvel is gold, no matter how deep into their roster they go.

Riverdale: Season 1 – May 18

The season finale of this dark take on Archie Comics airs on The CW on May 11, and the whole thing will be turning up on Netflix just a week after that. If you’re living that post-TV life and don’t have a strong sense of nostalgia for Archie and the gang as you remember them, give it a look.

Supernatural: Season 12 – ???

Speaking of The CW, here’s something that was on the network before it was even called that. The paranormal adventures of Winchester brothers are still going strong through 12 seasons, and from what we’ve heard, there’s no end in sight. The finale airs on May 18, but there’s no set Netflix date yet — just a vague sense (on Netflix’s part) that it will indeed be sometime in May.

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