Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 Has the Most Post-Credits Scenes Ever

The advance screenings aren’t even showing all of them.

Hi Not too long ago, Logan made waves by daring to be a superhero film without a post-credits scene. Leave it to the Guardians of the Galaxy to restore balance to the universe. Now that the movie is just weeks away from hitting theaters in the United States, Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 is getting the usual battery of advance screenings. Don’t worry, we’re not bringing spoilers, just a friendly reminder to stay seated during the credits — the movie has the most post-credits scenes of any Marvel movie, and probably any movie, ever.

How many? Well, the lucky few who got to check out those advance screenings said four, but they’re wrong! After Screen Rant reported that the movie had four post-credits, scenes, Director James Gunn revealed on Twitter that he was holding out on those critics — there’s actually a fifth super-secret scene that likely won’t get screened until the theatrical release (although it might be in international versions, some of which are already in theaters).

With Infinity War coming out next year, all of the scenes are bound to be juicy. For our part, we’re crossing our fingers that the fifth scene features the debut of a captain who’s more our speed.

Via Comic Book Movie

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