This Passover, Conduct Seder With a Harry Potter-Themed Haggadah

You’re sure to have a magical Passover with this Haggadah.

Passover is almost here, and one rabbi is doing all he can to make it magical. Rabbi Moshe Rosenberg, after years of meticulous study of the Torah and the seven sacred tomes of Harry Potter, has written The (Unofficial) Hogwarts Haggadah, and as Rosenberg himself stresses, it’s absolutely cleared for use during seder.

Alright, so he plays fast and loose with some things — the point is that the story of Harry and the story of Exodus share core human values of love, sacrifice, and facing down evil. Maybe there wasn’t so much about hippogriffs and invisibility cloaks in the one book, but why trip over the details?

If you do want to trip over more details about this haggadah, the Times of Israel has a whole interview with Rabbi Rosenberg, including his inspiration for writing the haggadah, the reception it’s gotten (magical, obviously), and where his Harry Potter scholarship might be taking him next.

In the meantime, the paperback version of The (Unofficial) Hogwarts Haggadah is available on Amazon — hopefully J.K. Rowling is cool with one of the freshest fan concepts we’ve ever seen.



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