Hello Kitty is Now Playing Major League Baseball

New MLB keychains, plush dolls, and fans make baseball about as cute as it’s ever going to be.

Spring is here, and that means baseball is back! And, considering that interest in baseball is as high as it’s been in years thanks to the Cubs finally winning the World Series, Hello Kitty felt it was high time to get in on the action. To celebrate the opening week of baseball, the Sanrio online store has loads of MLB merch with Hello Kitty getting in the game.

Unfortunately, Kitty’s been discerning in her choice of teams — there’s only merch for the major market teams. That includes both the Yankees and Mets of New York, along with the San Francisco Giants, the Oakland A’s, the Miami Marlins, the Texas Rangers, the Detroit Tigers, the St Louis Cardinals, the Boston Red Sox, and the Los Angeles Dodgers. Of course, there’s also stuff for the defending champion Chicago Cubs, but in a mean snub of the south side, no White Sox merch is to be found. The consensus top MLB logo, that of the Toronto Blue Jays, has also been snubbed.

The new collection includes pins, keychains, plush dolls, charm pens, stickers, mouse pads, pouches, and cushions, and fans (which should be pretty useful at summer baseball games). The most expensive items in the collection are the cushions, which are priced at $22.50.

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