Invader Zim is Coming Back to Nickelodeon as a TV Movie

After 11 years, we’re finally getting 90 more minutes of Zim and Gir!

Zim is going to get one last go at conquering Earth. In a pretty big surprise, it’s been announced that series creator Jhonen Vasquez is making a 90-minute Invader Zim TV movie for Nickelodeon, with all the major voice cast members coming back.

The show was one of the strangest to ever grace Nickelodeon. In the series, an alien named Zim was sent as far away as possible from his home planet by the planet’s leaders, the Almighty Tallest. With his gleefully demented robot sidekick, Gir, he stumbled upon Earth and set out to conquer it, gaining the human boy Dib as a rival.

The 2001 series only lasted for one full season, getting cancelled immediately after the first episode of the second season aired. The other second season episodes that had been completed were eventually released on DVD and finally aired in 2006, and that was the end of it. Despite low ratings (especially among the kids Nickelodeon was trying to attract), the series achieved cult status — mostly thanks to the wonderfully insane Gir and his considerable cooking talents.

Vasquez will be joined by the original voices behind Zim, Gir, Dib, and Gaz (Dib’s sister) — we’ll have to stay tuned to see if other minor characters like Mrs. Bitters or the Almighty Tallest are coming back, but you have to figure they will. In the meantime, I’ll hold out hope for an explanation of what Gir’s been doing the past 15 or so years. I can’t imagine how many waffles have accumulated in that house.

Via Deadline

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