The Japanese Trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Might Contain a Huge Spoiler

Goes without saying, but this is your last chance to not read this post.

If you’ve gotten this far (and managed to avoid other outlets flagrantly contravening internet spoiler conventions), we’re not responsible for any spoilery. This week, we’re getting a reminder that Japanese moviegoers don’t care about spoilers nearly as much as people in the western world seem to, and their trailers usually reflect that. That’s never been more true than right now — the Japanese trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales might have revealed Keira Knightley’s surprise return to the franchise.

We say might because there’s not a lot to go on here, and it’s not clear that she’ll actually play a substantial role in the movie. All there is a short shot of her as Elizabeth Swann staring at something, but she’s there, and we’re willing to make the leap and say that means she’s in the movie.

It might just be a cameo role, for all we know. As has been made very public, Elizabeth and Will’s son, Henry, is not only a character in the upcoming movie, but is already a young man. With Captain Jack and Will committed to the undead pirate anti-aging regimen, Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp coming back makes plenty of sense — it’d be a little harder to explain why Elizabeth looks not that much older than her adult son.

Then again, this is Pirates of the Caribbean, and I imagine it wouldn’t be super hard to wave a magic plot wand if it meant getting Knightley back as a franchise regular. We’ll find out in May!

Via Entertainment Weekly

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