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Knomo Maddox Tote and Battery Pack Review: Gorgeous, Light, and Versatile

As far as totes go, you couldn’t ask for one that is more catered to the techie and fashionable.

The first thing you notice when you pick up the Maddox Tote from Knomo is how light it is. At just under 2 pounds, it won’t give your shoulders grief — unless you load the bag up with everything you can carry, and there’s plenty of room to do just that. It’s more than just a tote, too. The Maddox Tote makes for a great travel bag because it has a padded laptop pocket, comes with optional add-on charging battery pack, and is perfectly sized to be a carry-on on your next flight.

Usually, tote bags are rarely more than a bucket with handles, but the Maddox Tote from Knomo is so much more than that. Knomo bags carry an air of sophistication and fastidious attention to detail, especially when it comes to tech-friendly features. Some of those thoughtfully incorporated features include an RFID-blocking pocket to guard against predatory scans and keep your bank cards and passport safe. There are also two dedicated pockets for your phone and a Knomo battery pack that is sold separately. They also offer a separate charging cord that is the perfect length to span the two pockets. Each tote bag comes with a bag (the white bag in the above picture) that you can use to safely store the Maddox Tote in your closet. They also offer a registry system unique to your bag that you can set up in case you lose the bag and someone is kind enough to try and return it to you.

The main compartment contains a very spacious padded laptop pocket. As pictured, my 13″ MacBook Air fit with plenty of room to spare — up to 15″ laptops can fit. On the outside of that compartment wall is another deep pocket where I stashed an iPad Mini (with case) and a notepad. The main compartment still had tons of room, so I threw in a textbook, earphones, sunglasses case, scarf, and headphones, and yet there was still tons of room. Once could easily make this an overnight bag. The other side of the interior offers tons of space for little things. One large zippered pocket can house the inevitable array of bobby pins, makeup, USB keys, lotion, hand sanitizer, and whatever other purse detritus that tends to accumulate. There is also dedicated space for pens, business cards, and a laptop cord, along with the pockets for your phone and the optional battery pack.

Speaking of that optional battery pack, we got to try it out! The 10,000 mAh portable battery back offers up to five smartphone charges or two full tablet charges. It doesn’t add much weight, either, weighing just over half a pound. It comes with a faux leather luxury sleeve to keep it from getting dinged up, and that sleeve fits in a dedicated pocket next to the smartphone pocket to charge while in the bag. As an iPhone user, the Knomo lightning cord is essential, and I don’t always have extras lying around so this is a useful addition. It sits at a 90-degree angle and is about 5.9 inches long. That’s pretty short, but at least it doesn’t get tangled.

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