Take a Spin on This Motorized Lego Carousel!

The set can be paired with a motor that makes the carousel spin!

Looks like Lego is ready for fair season! They’re doing summer right with an awesome new carousel set that has way more animal variety than your average merry-go-round. Not only that, you can get the ride started with a separate motorized pack, at which point it’s highly recommended to get your Lego Batman minifig in on the action.

Seriously, I defy you to find a better-looking real-life carousel. The blue and gold color scheme looks awesome, and it looks like Lego has really gone all-out creating unique elements on the canopy and center panels. And yes, those canopy flaps really are fabric — Lego wasn’t messing around with this set.

But look at the animals! The designers must have found the horse carousel passé, because they’ve opted for small buildable models of a tiger, an elephant, a swan, a frog, and a flamingo. If you were wondering how intricate this set is on the inside, here’s your answer — the animals actually move up and down as the carousel spins around!

The 12″ tall set by itself can only be rotated by hand, but it can be paired with a Lego Power Functions 8883 medium motor and a AAA battery if you want a really cool automated centerpiece.

And, no Lego set would be complete without awesome minifigs and accessories. Seven minifigs come with this set — the ride operator, a mom, a dad, a boy, a girl, a grandmother, and her granddaughter. They’ll be bringing cool little elements like a camera, ice cream, a hot dog, and candy — they’re clearly all way readier for summer than we are.

The 2,670-piece Lego Creator Expert Carousel set will be available on June 1 for $200.



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