Lego Launches a 1,969 Piece NASA Apollo Rocket Set

Finally, you can recreate the Moon landing with your minifigs.

What a summer it’s going to be for Lego fans! First we caught wind of this carousel set that can be paired up with a motor, and now we’re getting a celebration of the Moon landing — a Saturn V rocket set is coming!

The Saturn V rocket is most famous for its role in the Apollo 11 Moon landing, and now, you’ll be able to build it from Lego and record your own grainy faked Moon landing conspiracy video!

It’s formidable for a Lego set, too. When it’s done, the model will stand about 3.3 feet tall, and will include not just the rocket, but the orbiter and the lander that actually took Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin (with a Michael Collins assist) to the Moon. The set will also include two astronaut microfigurines and a little United States flag to plant. It doesn’t come with a Moon set to plant the flag on, but I’m willing to bet you’ve got some other Lego sets that can fill in nicely.

The Saturn V set is yet another Lego Ideas success story, with user saabfan uploading the proposed set the crowdsourced ideas site in 2014. The set got the 10,000 supporters needed, which proved to be rocket fuel needed to get it past Lego’s review team.

The set will arrive on June 1 and will cost $120. And, as a nod to the first Moon landing, the site has 1,969 pieces — 1969 being the year of the Apollo 11 mission.

Via Business Insider

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