24 Mermaid Toast Ideas For a Magical Sunday Morning Breakfast

Move over Nutella. Not only do these toasts look pretty, but they actually taste great too

We can’t really explain this phenomenon. Like many things that spring forth from Instagram, it just is. Mermaid toast is a way to dress up boring old dry bread with beautiful colors of a mermaid fantasy world and bring a little magic into your life. Here are the 25 best pieces of evidence we could find that prove yes, toast can be beautiful.

Cosmo’s Mermaid Toast & Beauty Essentials

This pastel mermaid toast uses edible gold leaf flakes for an extra glimmery punch. For your toast base, you can use any lightly colored spread like cream cheese or, for the dairy averse, almond cream cheese.

Mermaid Toast with Flowers

Don’t eat the flowers! They are just decor. What? You don’t decorate your breakfast food with flowers? How boring. Step up that breakfast bling game with some gold leaf and star shapes.

Mermaid Toast with Hawaiian Flair

Look at the work that went into these ingredients (and emoji). Wow! That is a lot of work for an edible piece of art, but the visual payoff is delicious.

Dairy-Free Mermaid Toast

Just because you are a dairy-free eater doesn’t mean you have to miss out of the fun of cream cheese mermaid toast. Dalya Foods showcased their spreads in this great Instagram post with sugary colored sprinkles.

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