Misfit Introduces Flare, a $60 Fitness Tracker With a Replaceable Battery

Misfit goes for radical simplicity with their latest wearable.

At CES, Misfit unveiled the Vapor, their first fully-featured smartwatch with fitness tracking features. Today, the Fossil-owned company is taking the opposite approach with the Flare, a simple wrist-worn fitness tracker with only a single LED light.

Like most other Misfit devices, the Flare will record steps taken, distance traveled, and calories burned — it’s an entry level device, so it doesn’t have anything like heart rate monitoring. But, Misfit decided that wasn’t simple enough — even the face doesn’t have much going on. There’s only a single LED light in the center. When prompted, that light will flash once if you’re 25% of the way toward your goal, twice if you’re halfway there, and three times if you’re 75% of the way there. It’ll just kinda go nuts if you make it to 100%. To actually see the stats being recorded (and set your personal goal), you’ll need to sync Flare to the Misfit app, which is available on iOS and Android.

It’s not the most useful fitness tracker, but it’s still well made! Misfit used aluminum on the case, and the LED light is set under crystal. It’s also very small, which is a big plus, and has a sleek black silicone strap. The whole thing is water resistant up to 50 meters, making it useful for swimmers, too. Swimmers can even use it to track laps, although that will require a $9.99 one-time upgrade within the Misfit app.

Misfit Flare can also be used with Misfit Link, which the company introduced back in 2015. Link lets you use simpler Misfit devices as remote buttons for your smartphone. That means the Flare can be used as a remote shutter button, controls for music, or to advance presentation slides.

The Flare is available starting today for $60. It’s powered by a replaceable battery, which Misfit says should last about four months.

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